Thinking of Rebranding? Make it Official with a Company Event

Everybody needs a fresh start once in a while. People and businesses do it for various reasons. The process of rebranding represents a marketing strategy that companies use to make a new image for themselves. From changing the logo, colors, through changing images associated with certain products, brands, and even entire the entire working corporations – rebranding is a serious task.

We’ve gathered some general tips and tricks you may find useful when you start contemplating the rebranding process, but we mostly focused on the period after the rebranding process has already been finished – the rebranding activation. But, first things first:

Why Rebranding?
There are numerous reasons companies choose to change their public image. Sometimes it has a lot to do with certain scandals or terrible business choices, and the management just wants to try and avoid the stigma of failed company by changing the entire business model and representation.

Sometimes, the ownership changes and the new owners want something that will leave their individual mark, and sometimes companies just want to attract new customers, and present a better competition. Whatever those reasons are – rebranding is a serious business that calls for a lot of investment and even more publicity.

Rebranding Event
With the rebranding process almost completed, most of the companies use another great marketing strategy – Rebranding Activation Event. These events are meant to raise awareness among customers about your new brand, and their goal is to boost the popularity of your newly rebranded business so that the new image achieves its maximum potential.

These rebranding events can have several types and forms, and usually, they always aim to pull in the customers and show them that the new brand is even more trustworthy than the previous one. Events can be held online, via various connections, but studies have shown that the best impact for the rebranding event is still good old live event.

Types of Rebranding Events
Even though with the evolution of the internet, expression – face-to-face got multiple meanings, holding a live event is the best opportunity to really feel what your customers and your employees think about the whole ordeal. Organizing social events can be costly, but it provides you with the opportunity to learn very much about your customers and your competition, and it’s way easier than to try something like that over a conference call. Here are some types of commonly planned rebranding event types.

  • Sponsor a Party – Having a large party or a trading show can get you a lot of specific professionals from certain fields. Such events usually gather large crowds, so it is an impactful way to promote your rebranding.
  • Support a Local Team – Another great way to make your new brand visible is to have a day at the sporting event. You can sponsor a local team, or invest in their equipment, and your new brand will reach a wide audience from their banners, big screens and all the swag you can give them.
  • Local Partnership – You can find a non-competing local business and partner with them. This will help you spread the word of your rebranding, and you can also attract your new customers from your partners.

Hosting an Event
Once you’ve decided on the type of the event you will be holding, it’s time to get to the organizing and hosting an event. Once it starts, it would for the best if everything runs smoothly and everyone goes away happy afterward.

  • Making a Plan and Setting a Theme – Fundamental steps to every big event. To make a perfect event, you will have to take several factors into consideration. Guest lists, seating orders, catering and drinking, so as you can see, it can be easy to lose track of it all. Plan your event ahead, and set reachable goals to make it truly memorable. Also, finding a perfect theme for the party will define how your guests feel about it. Whether you choose a fully themed party, or a casual social event with interesting party accessories, DJ set or an, always fun and attractive, photo booth for hire experience, try not to overdo it, as it may end up being the only thing your new brand is representing.
  • Promote an Event – Go to social media, activate all those dormant friends and followers, open those email contact lists, and make sure your event is properly promoted. Invest in a promotion, and it will pay off once you make a great event everyone talks about. Oh, and never underestimate the power of social media.

With the rebranding, it’s always hard to know which decisions will lead to which results, but you can give your best to ensure you have control over some things. Rebranding events can be just the boost that your business, with the fresh looks, needs to jump-start its market climb.


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