Most Successful Small Business Marketing Tips for 2017

Finding the perfect marketing team, strategy, and processes can be difficult for a business in any field. Of course that’s not a revolutionary statement, but it’s something that business owners or managers seem to forget at times. Small businesses have an even tougher time making themselves stand out from the crowd and while there are numerous techniques and strategies a business can employ, it sometimes seems like there’s no difference being made.

So how do you ensure your marketing campaigns are successful? There’s no one easy, quick and simple answer to that question, but there are definitely strategies that can help. While there’s no “one size” fits all solution, here’s a list of some very useful tips that will help ensure you’re on the right track to success.

  1. Think beyond the Obvious

With so many businesses trying to get people’s attention, a small business can be easily overlooked. But there’s an easy way to stand out and reach your audience—just look beyond the obvious methods. Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all valuable tools but they are what the majority of businesses will be using.

Instead of simply relying on those sites to market your business, you should try to think of creative new ways to market your goods and services. Reddit, for example, is a social media site but despite having millions of active members is not often used in marketing. You can also try Pinterest, Snapchat, and any other up-and-coming startups that can lead you to success. When you look beyond the usual marketing tricks, you might discover a very active and ignored audience.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Locals

While it’s true that online is becoming the platform of choice for big groups of consumers and the internet gives even small business immense reach, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your locals. In fact, for smaller businesses, the local community support is what will help ensure your business makes it through the difficult first few months. So don’t leave them out or forget about them: simple things like competitions, bright and eye-catching posters, and special deals can all help ensure local marketing success.

  1. Hire a Consultant

A marketing consultant might mean added expense at first but it can really pay off, an experienced consultant will be able to inject some new ideas and creativity into your marketing strategies and they can be a professional advisor at all stages of a project. Marketing consultants are also relatively easy to find, for example in you’re looking for a marketing consultant in Melbourne then MJH group would be ideal. A marketing consultant will also provide support and guidance which any business, something that particularly small businesses will find invaluable.

  1. Show Your Face

Marketing isn’t all about computer algorithms and flashy graphics. Getting your face out there and just having a conversation with people can make all the difference. Instead of a blog or voice over, why not appear in a video yourself to talk about your business? This might be a little nerve-wracking and understandably scary for even the most confident person, but giving your customers a human connection can make all the difference. You’ll be engaging with your audience on a more personal level and you can make better use of a number of social media tools and sites like Facebook live for example.

  1. Join Forces to Cross-Promote

This is can be a tricky one and is subject to your location, but small businesses can achieve great things by joining forces and cross-promote. Negotiating a cross-promotion can be a difficult process as both businesses will need to gain something and see the venture as worthwhile. Hiring outside help from a professional marketing firm or getting a marketing consultant on board can help you make this process a lot easier. They can also help you identify potential partner businesses who will be interested in cross-promotion as well.


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