About Us

SmallBizMarketingIdeas is a brainchild of Harry Vaishnav, who has been providing insights and guidance to small business owners for the past 4 years at SmallBizViewpoints. I had worked in the trenches operating multiple franchises prior to starting that blog. This has helped me understand the marketing challenges small business owners face with limited budget and time. I have also consulted with numerous small business owners to help them gain better understanding and control of their marketing to improve ROI and grow sales.

For majority of small business owners marketing equates to advertising – whether it is in the form of direct marketing, coupons or billboards. This myopic view of marketing results in missed opportunities and wasted resources.

At SmallBizMarketingIdeas I want to elevate small business marketing to the same level as at their large competitors. That means taking a strategic and comprehensive view of marketing that encompasses more than just advertising. It starts with understanding the market and its segments. It also involves finding the target customer base and aligning your product, pricing and placement to that target market.

Marketing is both art and science. The art side of marketing is where branding, packaging and advertising comes into play. Marketing science involves mining the data to gain insight into your customers and taking appropriate actions to attract and retain them.

Of course, these days no marketing is complete without having an online marketing strategy, including social media, website, search engine optimization (SEO), banner advertising and so on.

I will take comprehensive view of marketing from all angles mentioned above to help small business owners maximize their return on marketing investment at the same time improving sales and profit.