Infographic: Building A Website? You Need to Consider These 50 Features

One of the biggest challenges modern business owners face is establishing a solid online reputation for their company. The competition is tough and everyone wants to stand out and gain attention from prospective customers. The first step to gaining that attention is to build an excellent website to represent your company online. Most modern customers expect some information about a business or product available online and your website in an opportunity to convey that information in your own way.

Your customers will judge you on the design, appearance, and performance of your website so it’s important to get things right. You should be involved in the design process and explain your requirements and preferences to your website designer. If your designer understands your branding, target audience, and goals, they’ll be able to create something that appeals to your customers.

However, you need to have some essential features in place before your customize your website according to your preferences. The infographic below contains a list of 50 features that every website must have to keep up with other competitors. While 50 features might seem a little excessive, they include some of the most important aspects of a website like CTA buttons, internal links, FAQ pages, etc. If all of these features are included, planned, and executed carefully in your website, it would perform up to modern standards and attract a good amount of traffic.

To stay ahead of the competition, your website needs to be fast, responsive, effective, and informative. This list would help you reach those goals.

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